The Enso

The Symbol That Defines Us

Traditional Enso

Did we choose ENSO or did it choose us?

To speak of wine that expresses the soil, the climate, the varietal, the vintage…this is to speak of something that is both alive and fleeting. Each year, each site, each type of grape is so unique.

And so we wanted to make wines that we allowed to be “expressions of the moment”…which is exactly what the ENSO is. In fact, in the Zen tradition, the person meditating would arise when finished and draw their own ENSO, representing the state of their spirit.

The ENSO is said to reflect what is truly inside…and for us that means what’s truly inside the wine-to-be-made as well as what’s inside of us as the winemakers.

Each bottle will have it’s own ENSO screened on the front…a way of translating the spirit of that particular wine as well as the spirit in which it was created.

We hope you’ll find our wines serve you in connecting with the ground, the spirit, and that which is Life.