Ryan Sharp, WinemakerENSO Winery began as a collaborative effort between passionate winemakers and grew into Ryan Sharp’s urban winery. Ryan began as a winery grunt at Arcane Cellars on the banks of the Willamette River.

While Ryan fell more in love with winemaking, he also dreamed of leaving the valley to make wine in Portland, where he has resided since 2008.

After assisting John Grochau a few times, he fell in love with the idea of an urban winery. A place in the city, in a neighborhood, a local watering hole, a place to meet friends, and a place to produce world-class wine.

After moving to Portland from (shh!) San Francisco, he transferred from UC Davis to Chemeketa to get a more focused education…one dealing more specifically with NorthWest climates/grapes. He started home winemaking several years back.

When not stirring up fermenting wine or submitting wine labels to the Feds, you’ll find him hunting down exotic wines from Bandol.

Here’s a video of him foot-crushing some 2012 Zinfandel!