Our winery is currently located in a garage in SE Portland…Chris’ garage, that is!

2010 Vintage

2010 Vintage - Now All Gone

Many great ventures begin in garages. But they seldom stay there forever. We found a new home that can grow with us. It’s at 1416 SE Stark Street. We took over the lease and began renovations back in February of 2010 and then moved all our gear and wine over so that we could open for Memorial Day weekend. Open 6 days a week ever since. And now open 7 days a week!

When we began this venture called ENSO, we decided that it made the most sense to keep things small, efficient and manageable. That way, we could create fantastic wines at lower costs and give more attention to each small lot. So we decided that for the first year—while our first vintage was preparing itself for a magical performance—we’d keep it simple and make our wine in the garage. Sure, sure there were permits we had to get and hoops we had to jump through, but in the end, it was a great decision.

I guess you could say it’s working out quite well, as we continue to sell out of all our wines!

Human-sized Tanks

Our vision is to keep things as small-scale as possible: Human-sized stainless steel jacketed tanks (keeps our whites and rosés cold and slow-fermenting), mini-fermentation bins (allowing us to use multiple fermentation techniques), and  miniature crush equipment (easier to store).

This allows us to be experimental with small lots, to care for each batch separately, to create complexity in a small space.

So stop by some time. Grab a sandwich next door at MeatCheeseBread and bring it on over to pair with our current releases (or our rotating local beer tap).

All this from the humble beginnings of a garage.