Lightly-carbonated blend of dry Rosé wine and berry juice with just a touch of sweet.

"We tried it. It's the best."


Four delicious, creative recipes made by Portland bartenders...

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What's in portland sangria?

Portland Sangria is a 50/50 blend of high-quality dry rosé wine and locally-made berry juice. We steep a little tea in it to give it a hint of spice. The tea is also locally-made and consists of black tea, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, clove and natural flavors of cinnamon, clove, and cardamom.



Loganberries and Raspberries.


Is there actual fruit in Portland Sangria?

No, we just add berry juice from PNW berries picked at height of summer. We'll leave the addition of fruit bits to you!


Is Portland Sangria gluten-free?



is Portland Sangria vegan?



Is Portland Sangria sweet?

Just a bit.


Is Portland Sangria fizzy?

Just a bit.



It makes your afternoon a party! And it's certainly more delicious and refreshing that way! Gives it just a little bit of a kick. Almost like you're pulling it from the tap.


How do I drink Portland Sangria?

Cold! Straight from the can or on the rocks. Or better yet, pour it over frozen berries!


What does Portland Sangria pair with?

Summer days and grilled foods.


Can you ship Portland Sangria to me?

Yes, click button above that says, "Go Ahead, Buy Some!"


Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes. Just contact Ryan and he can get you set up.


Where can I get Portland Sangria?

At our urban winery in SE Portland. Also, all over Portland, Oregon and throughout most of the rest of Oregon. Tennessee, New York City and Seattle, Washington, too.


What stores carry Portland Sangria in Portland?

Whole Foods, New Seasons Markets and Zupan's Market. And several other bottle shops and specialty grocers.


Why do you call it Sangria if there's no red wine or brandy in it?


It's our Portland-y take on Sangria. Rosé wine is more refreshing than red and it's low enough ABV (6.7%), so you won't get too tanked.


Why is Portland Sangria in a can?

Because cans travel anywhere! And this way, we can give it a little fizz.


Who makes Portland Sangria?

ENSO Winery in SE Portland, Oregon. We also have a pretty cool urban winery, tasting lounge and event space that's open 7 days a week.


Why do you call it Portland Sangria?

Because it truly is just that...a northwestern take on a traditional recipe. Oregon is chock-full of berries, so we decided to celebrate that. And we love our rosé wine, too!


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